Post 16 at Whitley Academy

Welcome to Whitley Academy Post 16. We offer students a wide range of courses that are suitable to individual learning pathways. We ensure that all our students can access nationally recognised training and learning opportunities to support them in their career paths beyond school whether that is employment, apprenticeships or higher education at University.

We believe that choosing the right course is important if students are to enjoy their time in Post 16 and achieve success. We encourage all prospective students to think about their strengths which subjects they enjoy, are successful with and their preference in terms of assessment.  Students will have opportunities to talk to teachers, tutors, Post 16 students as well as parents for advice.

Students in Whitley Academy Post 16 are very successful. For the last 6 years 100% of students have passed their exams (including BTEC), and 57% achieved A - C grades in 2016.

Students in Post 16 are supported and guided through their studies by high calibre staff. Recent Ofsted judgements are “good” and “improving”. 

“Post 16 students make an outstanding contribution to the life of the school and wider community. They mature into articulate, thoughtful young adults and provide excellent role models for younger students”. Ofsted Quote 2013

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